PSNUG Zenworks Desktop Management and other Automation tips

Of course Windows is our most common desktop. But others options are developing rapidly. ZENworks continues to evolve for more than a decade and some add-ons include SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop SLES and ZENworks along with the addition of PatchLink/Lumension/CoreTrace. So there will be a lot more automation tools for managing our desktop computers. And here is Novell's ZWNworks Patch Management and following Novell's previous efforts, you will continue to see major improvements in cross-platforms.

ZENworks has been winning awards since 1998 and still by far the best of breed for desktop management. ZEN is best for saving time (and therefore money) on workstation management AND you can use it on Microsoft servers/networks ZENworks.

  • A new product, ZENworks Full Disk Encryption, to protect your workforce from security breaches.
  • Apple Mac support for asset inventory, software deployment and more.
  • Two new suites - give you more capabilities for less money.
  • Novell online Documentation and archived Documentation

    Many of us use Mozilla FireFox, Opera or Chrome and GroupWise and try to keep IE and OutLook off our workstations (removing OutLook and IE after software installs/updates is SOP for me). 6 years I have only 3 workstations get virus infections (I Love You), and all had IE and OutLook Express installed - so keeping IE and OutLook off your workstations isn't easy. Every MS product (and many patches) re-installs IE and OutLook (and each new user often gets these products re-installed unless you actually DELETE the software directory off the local hard drive). To delete use ZENworks imaging and delete the files from your workstation basic harddisk image - now your re-imaged workstations won't have those programs - powerful stuff.