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  • Track your mobile devices
  • The Bamboo Distributed Hash Table-Robust, Open-Source DHT
  • security basics Nicholas Petreley
  • windows security checkers

  • Linux Application Armor - SUSE, Ubuntu, Mandriva and? AppArmor | AppArmor | AppArmor profile exchange | |
  • Nmap Security Scanner | 100 Network Security Tools | NetworkSecurityTool | FOSS Network Security Tools
  • and linux live distribution focused on penetration testing
  • Novell Security Reporting
  • RootKit Scanners
  • CERT Carnegie Mellon Center for Emergency Response Team/Computing Center
  • 6 ideas to avoid in computer systems security
  • How to improve java code - measure and fix crappy java code
  • Do you really want to give your credit card number to a MicroSoft IIs webserver? Use this tool to ID the web server: IDserver

    On the client or personal side of security which is usually your web browser [I suggest you get from your Linux distro to keep updating simple].

  • | | https everywhere
  • DoxDesk | SpyBot
  • Computer Viruses, Worms, Trojans seem to cause the most problems: [UW security tools] [CA-InoculateIT] [Trend Micro] [ Netware and McAfee] [McAFEE] [Novell Patch list] [Symantec Security] [Sophos] [] []

    Read ccianet papers Check out other security weaknesses where you can actually test for some of these bugs/features. Security- Linux vs Windows

  • SNORT | TripWire
  • syslog ng and Snare effective Log management and reporting

  • secure rconsole FREE
  • [PKI Certificate Server] [PKI risks] [FOSS PKI project] [PGP freeware]

    SANS System Administration Networking and Security
    SANS on Novell products security white papers in the Reading Room

    [CERT] [CSRC]
    [FIRST Forum Incident Response Security Teams] [The Center for Internet Security] [insecure]

    [ICSA] [CSI] [securiteam] [Foundstone] [SecurityFocus] [Neohapsis]

    Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is the newest and oldest form of Cyber Terror. This is a good site to check regularly -a product of the joint thinking of some of the best minds in security- and it will continue to improve if you share your experiences in implementing the prescriptions.

    IDS/IPS - Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Prevention System - With millions of downloads and nearly 400,000 registered users, Snort has become the de facto standard. Another FOSS tool try Snort by Sourcefire

    OK, now let us use the power of a Full Service Directory to setup security policies, get IDS and then automate defenses. Provide real-time intrusion prevention that detects attempts to breach enterprise security AND automatically intercepts and stops attacks before they can do any damage. Netvision Security Policy Management

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