Laura's Lab Kit v9 Released

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  • Laura's Lab Kit v9 Released March 17th
  • More videos, more tools, more trace files. Remember to print the Trace File Summary PDF file (in the Trace Files directory). The ISO image (see link above) is 3.3 GB so be patient. I will have a new ISO up in about 2 weeks with an updated Wireshark version and a bigger GUI (my eyes are too old for these small fonts!).
     - Sharkfest Starts March 31st
    Vince Cerf will be presenting at Sharkfest! In addition, you'll see the hottest tool for network analysis graphing and reporting. Visit for registration and sessions listing. I will join several other Wireshark University instructors in teaching sessions on network troubleshooting and network forensics - join us March 31-April 2 for three days of fast-paced training among the best analysts and developers in the industry.
     - NetScanTools Course in Development
    Kirk Thomas and I have been working on a course covering all NetScanTools features and provide training on traceback, testing, and network mapping. The course will release through Wireshark University (I will send a quick announcement on date we release). Let me know if you'd like an instructor-led course as well. Get a demo version of NetScanTools Pro on the Laura's Lab Kit v9. Remember folks - this is a 'no brainer' purchase. If you have a network - you should have NetScanTools Pro!
     - Calendar 2008
    My 2008 conference calendar is now online at The year will include a one-day preconference course at HP's TechForum - be sure to sign up early for that one.

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